irreligious faith

I met them through a friend – five men and a girl. They struck me as rather irreligious people who are more involved in life than religion. At first I could not make sense of why he wanted to tell me about them, but as their shared stories unfolded, his intentions became evident.

All right, so I didn’t actually meet them.

I was introduced to them by my friend on the pages of a book he might call a chronicle.

On these pages he recorded events he shared with other friends, not so much that he could remember them – more for my sake, so that I could know who he is and what kind of a friend he would be. Perhaps also so that I would understand what kind of friendship he values.

The first is but a teenager. He lives as the last child of a father who has no wife left to help him raise his children and no love left for this son of his. He works in his father’s business without recognition.

There are three more young men. They are not quite teenagers anymore, but have not come to marriage and parenthood either. They are friends, they are handsome and they are well educated, gaining experience and knowledge as they live in a foreign country. Their futures seem to be in government administration.

The girl – she’s also young, perhaps in her early twenties. An orphan raised by her uncle. Others find nothing exceptional in her, but for her beauty. When we meet she is engrossed in a serious beauty regimen, attempting to win a beauty contest.


irreligious FAITH is the fourth chapter of ‘shades of FAITH‘, which is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store.

I hope you’ll find it there and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I hope it’ll unlock something inside of you & enable a ‘new kind of faith’ through which you’ll enjoy life in relationship with God.

It is simple and easy to read, as life should be.


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