obliterating faith

Some of us have faith which obliterates us – others have faith which obliterates everything that prevents us from living this life in relationship.

Ryan had both.

Eventually, but not simultaneously.

Ryan attended church services religiously.

He tithed grudgingly and said grace before every meal.

He remained married for almost forty years – after four decades there was little joy or friendship between him and his wife, but they both remained faithful, never stepping into the trap of an affair and not often having words.

He did not swear.

He did not smoke or drink excessively (just a little bit of wine at Sunday lunch).

Along with his wife he raised two children, paid their school fees & tertiary tuition, reminding them often that life is a burden we all must bear.

As they both grew older and their children grew into adulthood, Ryan found himself banished to his own company, more and more, and he seized these opportunities to lament and bemoan his existence; after all how long was this torture supposed to go on?

This is exactly the question Ryan was raising, in his mind in his own company, one Thursday morning, while his wife was off to who knows where and his children were living their own burdensome lives on another continent, with other accompaniment.

“The life after this better be good”, Ryan mumbled, “’cause this one is pretty empty.”

The words had barely escaped his mouth, when he froze in cold sweat, as he heard the strong African voice. “You have claims on a life after this one?”

He turned and saw the man standing in his foyer, smiling. Blue jeans, black t-shirt. No knife, no gun.

Before he could respond the man walked forward, placed his strong hand on Ryan’s shoulder, pressed hard and then moved past Ryan to the worn-out couch.

He sat down as if he had been there many times.

“What do you want”, Ryan asked angrily? “If its money, I don’t keep cash in the house.”

“I want your life”, said the man in the jeans and black t-shirt.


obliterating FAITH is the fifth chapter of ‘shades of FAITH‘, which is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store.

I hope you’ll find it there and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I hope it’ll unlock something inside of you & enable a ‘new kind of faith’ through which you’ll enjoy life in relationship with God.

It is simple and easy to read, as life should be.


3 thoughts on “obliterating faith

  1. This is the most beautiful summary of what lives in my heart – thank you for picturing it so vividly: “Sin is only a condition and we dealt with that – we cleared it away entirely, in your time, in this world, when we became like you, taking your place, living this life and finally taking the consequences on ourselves. We want you to see us,” and Ryan sees, “to know us, as we truly are,” and Ryan acknowledges something he’s never known before. “To share life with us,” and Ryan feels a connection he realizes he’s been longing after for longer than anyone could remember. “That’s all we’ve wanted since the beginning of time.” His whisper trembles through Ryan’s soul. “We want you to discover how wonderful you are, as we live life together, how incredible you’ve been made and how endless the possibilities are.”

  2. Very good indeed. Makes me think of one of my current favourite verses, especially from the NLT version: Hebrews 10:22 – let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.

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