regardless faith

I have trust issues.

This is a bit personal, so don’t go telling other people about it. I am resolving it and hopefully will be able to get over myself.

Recently Zuko and I bumped into an old school friend whom we haven’t seen for more than twenty years. Despite the passing of time, we immediately recognized him across the crowd. “That’s him. I can’t believe it. He hasn’t changed a bit.”

We walked over, greeted and did the catch-up on life in thirty seconds thing.

Later we quietly went home and discreetly banged our heads against the wall while desperately wailing – “it cannot be, just yesterday twenty years seemed like an eternity and now we bump into people we haven’t seen for twenty years. We’re old!”

Anyway, getting old and not being able to do what we could at eight or eighteen is not what I’m on about. That is another issue I’ll have to quietly deal with on my own. Or perhaps it is what I am on about, but then not in the physical sense.

It turns out, twenty years down the line this old school friend has changed quite a bit.

If it was his heart we needed to recognize across the crowd, we would have walked right past him.

Admittedly we only spoke for five or ten minutes, but it was very evident that he lost passion, optimism and his sense of fun – which is another more pertinent reason for the loud head banging and quiet wailing, on our arrival at home. “Are we like this? Are we as affected by the passing of new full moons?”

I do not remember a time when God was not part of my life.

My first memories are filled with an awareness of his presence and involvement.

I was the third son to be born into our family. I enjoyed the company of my two older brothers, but had an urgent craving for a baby sister. I clearly remember the bed-time ritual of brushing teeth, washing face, reading Bible and praying. My mother would come to our room. We’d talk. She would take the picturesque children’s Bible …


regardless FAITH is the third chapter of ‘shades of FAITH‘, which is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store.

I hope you’ll find it there and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I hope it’ll unlock something inside of you & enable a ‘new kind of faith’ through which you’ll enjoy life in relationship with God.

It is simple and easy to read, as life should be.


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