sweet faith

Be patient as I tell you about the relationship with my fabulous girl.

I’m working my way to explaining another relationship that is just as sweet and even more influential – one few know, because they’ve been lead to believe that debt and control are the basics of life and faith.

I met her in 1993.

We were students.

Life was simple, enjoyable and filled with excited expectation.

We were introduced by a mutual friend and on introduction he was very specific about the fact the she was his girlfriend. Despite this minor detail, she struck me as a very special individual – if I recall correctly, the words repeatedly flashing through my mind was “fabulous girl.”

Seventeen years later, life is still enjoyable, perhaps even more so – and still filled with excited expectation, though not necessarily that simple anymore.

We’ve been married for a solid 15 years and have three beautiful children sharing our excitement …


sweet FAITH is the second chapter of ‘shades of FAITH‘, which is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store.

I hope you’ll find it there and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I hope it’ll unlock something inside of you & enable a ‘new kind of faith’ through which you’ll enjoy life in relationship with God.

It is simple and easy to read, as life should be.


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