pauCITY is about making peace with your inadequacy, even embracing it, to discover that it is all right.

British explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, was one of the officers joining Captain R. F. Scott on the first polar journey.

According to his obituary in the Times of January 30, 1922 he was an avid sailor and avid reader – his biggest complaint often being the paucity of ship’s libraries.

The Times report: “By the untimely death of Sir Ernest Shackleton the ranks of British explorers sustain a heavy loss. He had gained fame as a man of the greatest intrepidity, as one who had held the Farthest South record and as a leader of men who had few equals.”

I am not a man “of the greatest intrepidity”, my own obituary, if I even have one, would probably not refer to me as “a leader of men who had few equals” and it was not at sea that my complaint about paucity arose.


pauCITY is the fifth chapter of ‘sevenCITIES‘, which is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store.

I hope you find it there & enjoy the book.

After all the writing only becomes meaningful in the reading.


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