compliCITY is about life & meaning found in a seemingly fateful, shared existence.

It was carefully written, in stark black ink, on a light blue piece of paper and carelessly stuck to the wall above his desk.

One of those “notes” that are intended to reinforce something significant you’ve read and want to remember.

“The strongest man is he who stands alone,” – and below these bold words, in slightly smaller print, Friedrich Nietzsche.

Whether Nietzsche actually uttered these words, I cannot substantiate.

What I do know: he spent the last nine years of his healthy life in a gypsy-like existence, aimlessly wandering between various French, Swiss, German and Italian cities.

Then, in 1889, at age 44, he experienced a mental breakdown that left him an incomprehensible invalid, for the last eleven years of life on this earth.

If Nietzsche did write this and made it a premise of his life, it seems it did not work out too well for him.

Granted, relationships aren’t always the simplest aspect of life.

They’re often messy, unpredictable and sometimes disappointing.

I’ve had my fair share of relationships going sour, but “standing alone” just never seemed like a viable option.

I met Adrian Nel when I was fifteen.

He was fifty-five and manager of the men’s section at ‘T. Birch & Co’, a well-known local clothing retailer.


compliCITY is the sixth chapter of ‘sevenCITIES‘, which is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store.

I hope you find it there & enjoy the book.

After all the writing only becomes meaningful in the reading.


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