voraCITY is about an insatiable appetite for life and living.


Voracity speaks of an insatiable hunger which cannot be easily sated by a temperate approach to life.

In dictionaries, most often, voracity is used in the same sentence as edacity – “frequently consuming a great deal of food or drink” – and although that could be descriptive of my dietary disposition, it is most definitely descriptive of my assault on life, sometimes to my own (and others’) detriment, but most often to my and (I hope) their well-being.

I was the boy who could not sleep the night before a camping trip.

The one who, once the camping had commenced, did not stop to rest (or sleep) until …


voraCITY is the seventh chapter of ‘sevenCITIES‘, which is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store.

I hope you find it there & enjoy the book.

After all the writing only becomes meaningful in the reading.


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