synchroniCITY is about something hidden behind all these experiences – someone without whom I doubt I would ever have stumbled upon any of these cities or have grown into a person I could love unconditionally.

I don’t think my journey should be your journey.

The cities I have visited are special, to me.

Perhaps all I could ask for is that you would be a bit more conscious of the ‘city’ you find yourself in.

It might very possibly be a very different city, but also a very beautiful one.

My invitation is that you do more than pass through it, on the outskirts – that you allow yourself to enjoy the sights and sound of now.

I did not see meaning or consciously experience ‘growth’ as I traveled on this journey.

And yet I did.


synchroniCITY is the final chapter of ‘sevenCITIES‘, which is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store.

I hope you find it there & enjoy the book.

After all the writing only becomes meaningful in the reading.


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