is Jesus then not enough?

So you ‘struggle’ with ‘sin’ – burdened by the guilt, the shame & the disappointment?


I thought it was dealt with.

It is interesting – in a religion which celebrates Christmas & Easter, which is defined in terms of ‘Jesus’, his death on the cross & his resurrection – that so much attention is given to ‘sin’.

I thought with the whole ‘dying on the cross’-thing Jesus dealt with all of that?

I thought what he did that day, was ‘in my place’ & ‘complete’?

Perhaps our culture is mistaken to focus so much on imperfection & being perfect.

Perhaps, for God, it is not about ‘sin’ anymore or being without sin, but more about living in relationship with him.

That he’s taken it away, completely, despite what our behaviour may be, not so that we may ‘enter through the pearly gates of heaven’, but so that we may share life with him.




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