recapture openness with God

So you’ve also been burdened by the guilt and shame of a ‘sinful’ life, which doesn’t quite live up to their standards?

Many of us used to carry the weight of this perception.

I’m intrigued how the one thing which shouldn’t be an issue, has become the one thing which prevents people from sharing life with a God who is a real person.

When God made this earth, there was openness between him & the people he creatively brought to life.

They spoke – openly.

They spent time together.

Enjoyed doing stuff together.

It was effortless.


It just happened, as if it was always intended to be.

This, I believe, is what God is all about.

That I may have an open, free, easy relationship with him.

That I believe is why Jesus ‘is’, why his spirit lives in us – so that we may recapture this openness.

I think, for God, when he looks at me, or anyone, there are no sin and there is nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about.

He sees someone he wants to know.

Someone with whom he’d like to share something.




That’s all.

That’s the purpose, the intention, the motive.


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