forget about it

Struggling with ‘sin’ & ‘guilt’ & ‘shame’ is really, really, REALLY not on.

And yet so many people do.

Christian people.

Yes – there is ‘responsibility’ & ‘God’s will” & ‘right and wrong’, ‘good and bad’ and all of that.

Sometimes the ‘right & wrong’ people are so prescriptive about is just misplaced – having to do more with their own needs & wants than with reality.

God is no bully.

He doesn’t drive & manipulate people with fear, making us slaves who do stuff hoping to escape some punishment.

He has one need – and that is to share life with me (or you).

That’s what, I believe, this earth and life on it, is about.

That’s why Jesus ‘is’.

Perhaps we can put the ‘guilt’ aside for ‘just a moment’ – and see what he’s done, just so that we may ‘re-connect’ and ‘re-late’.


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