it could have been awesome

Sin – that harsh three letter word – it isn’t something God is so concerned about.

Maybe because it isn’t something that can be ‘done’ or ‘committed’ – but rather presents itself as a ‘condition’.

Before this three letter word made its debut, there was easy & open relatetion between him and our kind.

We spoke and it wasn’t called prayer.

We had time together, doing stuff – and it wasn’t called church or worship or quiet time.

It was active.

It was alive.


In fact – looking at the Genesis of Jewish & Christian Scripture in those times spent together, quite a few things happened.

I think that is all God wants to recapture.

I think that is his intention with Jesus and a Spirit who have been ‘disfigured’ by religious fervor.

To share life.


It is a pity that Christianity lost this essence.

It could’ve been awesome.


3 thoughts on “it could have been awesome

  1. I agree that our ‘obsession’ with sin has been rather unproductive. I think the best life is lived with an awareness of God, His grace and the freedom that is now ours.

    But I think it is a bit harsh to say the “church has lost the plot” and “it could have been awesome” because God is still busy in His church, and there are many (like Rob Bell, Bill Johnson, Shane Willard and Theunis Pienaar) that are bringing a similiar message.

    And I believe that God is still going to do amazing things through His church, well I hope so, because we are the church.

    Thank you for a stimulating a thought provoking blog 😉

    • Thank you for engaging in our conversation, Shelley. I love it & I love how you often challenge me.

      The writing only really becomes meaningful when it is read & considered & responded too & I can only ‘become’ as my ideas & thoughts are challenged.

      In the post I speak of ‘Christianity’ and not the “Church”, I would agree it is a bit of an existentialist comment, but I do not propose to hold any ‘truth’, I do though experience very little of any real or gained ‘freedom’ or ’empowerment’ within the phenomenon which is called ‘Christianity’ or the “Christian Church’. In fact I hear of ‘struggles’ (specifically with sin) and 5-step plans to address these struggles and resist temptation.

      In myself I’ve found no success with this – I’m not very good at ‘resisting’ temptation, but what I have found and ‘it would have been awesome if Christianity or its Church could have helped me to find this’ – I’ve found, as I live in relationship with God, because there is no condemnation, that his fingerprints are left on me & I change, I become and destructive things which were, are no more, not because of my desperate effort, but because of his relate-tionship with me and His relate-ting to me.

      Now that is powerful, for me & that is the ‘essence’ I’m sad have been lost.

      And, if I’m sad about it I’m not proposing to speak on God’s behalf – he can speak on his own behalf & work how & where and through whomever he desires to work. If it would be his Church, I would not take him to task on that. 🙂

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