I don’t think life is as simple as straight forward as we’re sometimes led to believe.

I can’t, for example, say to you exactly who God is.

I can’t say I know him entirely or completely or comprehensively.

I can’t say I know everything there is to know about him.

He is somewhat larger than my ability to comprehend.

I’ve experiences his goodness, in ways which blew my mind.

I’ve seen how he creates third & four opportunities in places where I would not give myself another opportunity.

I’ve seen him give-up stuff, on my behalf.

But still I don’t think I can venture out and say I know exactly who he is.

I know this – he’s much more patient than most give him credit for – and for that I’m grateful, as it creates ‘space’ for me to share life with him.

And after all – I think – that’s all he is after.


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