this excites me

I don’t think life is as simple and straight forward as we’re sometimes led to believe.

I can’t, for example, say exactly who God is, as if I’ve known him so long that I’ve comprehended him entirely.

I think he is slightly bigger than my ability to understand.

I’ve experienced how involved he can be, as if my life, on an earth with billions of other people has significance.

I’ve seen how he attends to small detail, orchestrating circumstances without me even asking or thinking about it or even realizing that it is important.

I’ve seen him care about who I am and what goes down in my life.

But still I think it would be arrogant of me to even venture at pretending that I know who he is.

I know this, not as a proven scientific fact, but by existential faith – had it not been for his involvement, his close and very personal involvement in my life, things would have gone down very differently.

This excites me – even if I don’t have all the answers – at least I’m sure that we’re sharing life.

Somehow he looks at me and says: I can relate to that.


5 thoughts on “this excites me

  1. Theunis, baie dankie. I wish to meet you next time in SA. I disagree with you on one point, and I think you’ll find you don’t agree with yourself. If I can take the liberty….is it arrogant to know a part of Him? Who you are is de facto expression of a smidge of Him. The beauty and the wonder of you – is from Him. I think we find these beautiful corners, just like those pages in books I love to dog-ear as the parts to go back to. We find He is there all the while and we have discovered the particles of God in every day life when we pause to celebrate the wonder. Not because of who we are, but because the wonder of Him inflitrates all the cracks of our broken perceptions.
    Having said that – you inspired so much movement in your expression of Him. Thanks for sharing – it fed me tonight!

    • Hey, Lesaya – off course you can take the liberty. You should. I’m ecstatic that you took the time to share this & that it could even ‘feed’ somehow. I’ll be delighted to share some food & wine & conversation with you, next time you’re in SA. 🙂

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