for me, he is

Life isn’t simple & straightforward.

God isn’t either.

He is somewhat larger than my ability to comprehend.

I’ve experienced how patient he can be.

He can wait. Time does not tire him.

He can wait until I am ready to live more intimately with him. Or until I’ve obtained skills, which I need to tackle the next thing.

And then at other times, he doesn’t wait at all. He just throws me in me in at the deep end & I have to swim while learning how to swim, or say ‘yes’ while everything in me is shouting ‘no’.

I’ve not been able to ‘fit’ him into a system or ‘scheme’.

I can’t explain him.

I do trust him though.

And, yes, for me, he is. Real. Active. Not just a figment of my imagination or an explanation of the unexplainable.

And it is ‘us’, doing life together, but still he is God & his actions affect me.

I trust him that he loves me unconditionally. That he wants to share life with me. That he does what he does, also so that our friendship may grow and my time may have meaning.

That’s my faith.


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