i like freedom

Would you not prefer to be free?

‘Freedom’ implies that there is nothing which ‘forces’ you.

Nothing which holds you back.

Nothing you have to be afraid of.

‘Freedom’, I think, is not something we can really ‘imagine’.

It is scarce.

When it comes to God, though, this is the only ‘state’ in which he operates.

He’s not into bondage or slavery.

He’s not into bribery either.

He’s into ‘enabling’.

Perhaps the ‘forced-labor’ of religion or culture or civilization works for you.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m very glad that’s not the way I’ve found.

I’ve always believed that it is much more valuable & meaningful if I do or ‘am’ something, because ‘I want to’ and not because ‘I have to’.


3 thoughts on “i like freedom

  1. …. perhaps even the “doing” and/or “wanting to” is not really freedom? I think that perhaps the “am something” is the only real dimension of freedom that is possible. The gift on offer is transformation, another word used is ‘translation’ (ripped out from one realm and totally re-planted into another, and these 2 realms are mutually exclusive). Grapevines are free to produce grapes. They neither groan nor need to desire to produce the fruit. In it’s season, it just bursts out, almost from nowhere. I think that the metaphor is almost literally applicable to the freedom on offer in Christ. …… what say?

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