We are un-punishable.

It astounds me when people who believe in God is so very afraid of Him.

So very afraid of hell & punishment.

I’m under the impression, the whole point of him becoming like us, living and dying, is that there won’t be any punishment.

No reason for it & no execution thereof & no fear.

If I’m mistaken then I do believe the Jesus of Christianity did not do a proper job.

If I’m mistaken, then he must have done only half a job.

What would be different for you if you can forget about fear & punishment & start living like an unpunishable?


One thought on “unpunishable

  1. Theunis,

    How true. He came and replaced the laws of the Old Testament with two directives. Love your neighbour as yourself and God above else. And in Hebrews 8 he speaks of the new covenant He has made with us. Jesus came and showed us how to live with dignity, love and compassion. And at the core of His believe system was forgiveness. Now how will the son of God which is one with His father speak a different language. For when we have seen His son, we have seen Him. And when we live like Him, he is indeed inside of us. So there can be no fear. Maybe just a fear of not doing the right thing.


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