confessions of an insignificant African boy (3)

Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy‘ is now available as an eBook in Amazon’s Kindle store.

All 22 chapters, revised & edited to enjoy as a single book.

Below is a sample of the third chapter.

It is my confession, originaly written so that my children could know of the faith living inside of me.

I hope it will inspire & challenge you to discover your own faith in new ways.

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: Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy.


This is the third of 22 instalments which I am sharing with you over 22 days since 15/11/2010. As a whole it is my confession. What I believe. It is written for my children. Perhaps they would read it now, perhaps they would return to it in our time as I am waiting to be re-incarnated. I would love your response, your questions and insights and apprehension for in that we would relate and I would become.




You were small still, when I left the Church and you alongside me, swept away by the strong currents of life which cannot be resisted. Although we pray & talk about the God with whom we share life, we have no Church and no rituals typical of religion. It is difficult and tedious to be always explaining your faith to everyone you are surrounded by in a context where Christianity is the acceptable norm and people are taken aback as you differentiate yourself from religion. It is easy to confess. Easier still to be and leave them guessing. In some ways we are like Christians in a Muslim country. We ‘wear’ the correct attire so as not to stand out. We respect the rituals & customs so as not to offend, but we do not ‘belong’ and we do not ‘connect’ and we most definitely do not have an environment in which we may give free expression of our beliefs. Except off course, as a family – when we play board games and Playstation or build something or weekend at the river or …

Get ‘Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy‘ now.


2 thoughts on “confessions of an insignificant African boy (3)

  1. Don’t worry Theunis. This insignificant Christian boy still loves you! 22 episodes! Eish! You are a real radio serial man. Reminds me of Mark Saxon and Sergei that I used to listen to on Springbok Radio as a kid.

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