confessions of an insignificant African boy (7)

Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy‘ is now available as an eBook in Amazon’s Kindle store.

All 22 chapters, revised & edited to enjoy as a single book.

Below is a sample of the seventh chapter.

It is my confession, originaly written so that my children could know of the faith living inside of me.

I hope it will inspire & challenge you to discover your own faith in new ways.

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: Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy.


This is the seventh of 22 instalments which I am sharing with you over 22 days since 15/11/2010. As a whole it is my confession. What I believe. It is written for my children. Perhaps they would read it now, perhaps they would return to it in our time as I am waiting to be re-incarnated. I would love your response, your questions and insights and apprehension for in that we would relate and I would become.


So God creates the earth, eventually getting to ‘man’.

The perfect synergy between flesh & spirit.

He creates us ‘in his image’, Genesis describes, but if you think about it, we are something, at creation, which never was before and which he never was.

For one, we are created.

We are flesh, `material’.

And at the same time we are soul, ‘spiritual’.

We are something amazing which did not exist before and although we are in his image, we are nothing like him.

Like you, as our children, have some of my and Zuko’s traits, we have some of his as well.

I think the whole ‘in his image’-thing has bearing on our desire to ‘relate’ to someone other than ourselves.

And our creativity – our desire to bring ‘to life’ something which did not exist before we existed and would not have existed, had we not existed, as well.

And our ability to communicate.

And reason.

And make sense.

And understand.

And feel.

We are the same, in that respect, but we are very, very, very different.

We have capacity which he does not have.

He gives us the ability to create, as he creates us, but in an entirely different way. The ability to re-create ourselves …

Get ‘Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy‘ now.


One thought on “confessions of an insignificant African boy (7)

  1. maybe the part of us that He created in His image is our souls? it is said after all that we are atoms in His body. our souls carry the same qualities as Him. we just need to nurture them and strive to grow and evolve to be able to return back home.

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