confessions of an insignificant African boy (8)

Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy‘ is now available as an eBook in Amazon’s Kindle store.

All 22 chapters, revised & edited to enjoy as a single book.

Below is a sample of the eighth chapter.

It is my confession, originaly written so that my children could know of the faith living inside of me.

I hope it will inspire & challenge you to discover your own faith in new ways.

Link to Kindle Store
: Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy.


This is the eighth of 22 instalments which I am sharing with you over 22 days since 15/11/2010. As a whole it is my confession. What I believe. It is written for my children. Perhaps they would read it now, perhaps they would return to it in our time as I am waiting to be re-incarnated. I would love your response, your questions and insights and apprehension for in that we would relate and I would become.


At first it is perfect – I said that, didn’t I?

It is perfect because we relate perfectly.

He created someone outside of himself to whom he can relate completely.

Not a clone of himself.

Someone entirely different, and yet of such a nature that he can relate completely, to the last minute detail.

Or perhaps the ‘detail’ is not that minute.

He is autonomous & so that he can relate to us he creates us as autonomous beings.

We have free will.

We can choose and do independently.

He could have left out this little detail in his creative solution to his need …

Get ‘Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy‘ now.


7 thoughts on “confessions of an insignificant African boy (8)

  1. just a thought to ponder. is the snake in actual fact a real snake, or is it not our human nature?
    it is said that sexual energy sits at the base of the spine and it is called, kundalini. it is portrayed by a snake.
    think of Jesus when he was standing on the mountain just before he started preaching and he was confronted by the “devil”. was this not merely a battle between his human nature and his higher self.

    • hey Bjorn. 🙂 to me ‘the snake’ is not a person, but an angel taking on the physical shape of a snake, the interesting bit is the interaction between Eve & the snake, which just sort of happens, without surprise as if it is the most normal thing ‘on earth’. I suppose it depends on your take of the narrative, if it is history or fable. I like your input. T

  2. it is quite an interesting point to ponder. if you look at the LOGOS teachings and also what Alice Bailey talks about, and many other teachings bring this up, Our physical bodies are simply our manifestation in this world, but there are many more higher planes (inner planes). our physical plane, the astral plane, emotional plane, mental plane, etc etc. makes you wonder, where exactly was this eden that is referred to in genesis for we do know that the astral plane is the plane of magic and illusion, being ruled by Maya. this is where psychics, sorcerers, etc get their abilities from. they tap into it.
    but now i’m just speculating…. right?

    • i agree Bjorn – belief founded on other’s conviction is no belief at all. belief is alive & it grows inside of us. it changes & affects us. it is undeniable. i love that we’re sharing this journey.

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