confessions of an insignificant African boy (22)

Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy‘ is now available as an eBook in Amazon’s Kindle store.

All 22 chapters, revised & edited to enjoy as a single book.

Below is a sample of the twenty second chapter.

It is my confession, originaly written so that my children could know of the faith living inside of me.

I hope it will inspire & challenge you to discover your own faith in new ways.

Link to Kindle Store
: Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy.


This is the last of 22 instalments which I have been sharing with you over 22 days since 15/11/2010. Thanks for sharing the journey. As a whole it is my confession. What I believe. It is written for my children. Perhaps they would read it now, perhaps they would return to it in our time as I am waiting to be re-incarnated. I would love your response, your questions and insights and apprehension for in that we would relate and I would become.


Perhaps one day, as you grow to be independent and make your own way through life, or as you reach the middle ages where I find myself now, you’ll ponder the question of meaning and purpose.

‘Why am I here?’

‘What is my calling?’

‘On what should I spend my life?’


That would be the short version of what I believe in this regard.

Relate to God.

Relate to yourself.

Relate to your counterpart.

Your children if you are …

Get ‘Confessions of an Insignificant African Boy‘ now.


3 thoughts on “confessions of an insignificant African boy (22)

  1. these 22 confessions truly blessed me, at a time i needed to see it again, as it is.

    that’s what we [me and my other half] lives for: this passionate intimate exciting complex yet so simple relationship with elohim, so we [and our offspring] can be awakened to what was in eden.

    we learn every day to live in union as words with other words in his poem that he wrote “before” time, a glimpse of this is given in eph 2:10… For we are God’s handiwork (His workmanship) [Poiema in greek], recreated in Christ Jesus, that we may do those good works which God predestined for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live].

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