so everyone is excited about Christmas

Everyone seems to be excited about Christmas and I’d like to donate my own five cents with regards to this.

The trees are going up. The decorations. The cakes are being baked.

Here in Africa it is summer, so lots and lots of the images from the global celebration doesn’t really relate.

We have no snow.

At Christmas time we celebrate summer. We go to the beach or river. We have pool parties. We enjoy the sun setting close to eight at night and waking us before five in the morning. We enjoy long walks, spending time outside, wearing as little as possible clothing. Cooking outside. Going for long leisurely rides on horse-back and sleeping with doors and windows as wide open as is imaginable.

I think the retailers are very happy about Christmas – I mean, how great is it that people don’t have to be convinced to spend obscene amounts of money on stuff that wouldn’t normally be sold.

Non-Profits are happy as well – they get the opportunity to employ emotion & get people donating towards great causes.

My kids.

My kids are happy, they get new toys. Except for Pippa who can’t be too bothered with toys and grabs every possible gift-opportunity to get another animal into our life.

I love her for that.

I love Christmas.

Not because I think it has so much to do with Christ or the birth of Jesus. That is something Caesar Augustus creatively invented when he made Christianity the state-religion during his rule.

I love Christmas, because it comes at summer time.

It comes at the end of the year.

It provides the opportunity to stop, before we start running again.

It creates space.

Space to be with people. And I love people. I love spending time with them. Connecting with them. Talking. Laughing. Dreaming. Just being together.

So I’m happy to ‘let it snow’ on my blog.

I’m happy to humor songs on the radio & in the shops.

For me, this is a good time.

And in a spiritual sense I have an awareness of gratitude.

I’m grateful to be able to live in freedom.

I’m grateful to be able to know healthy positive relationships, with boundaries & freedom.

I’m grateful to be intimately connected to my Zuko, sharing life more and more with every single day that goes by and having a person who ‘understands’ and ‘accepts’ and ‘allows’ completely and comprehensively.

I hope, for you, Christmas would have a sense of awe, not because of the trees which are brutally slain or the shiny decorations which create atmosphere, but because of the Friendship, faith & freedom you can celebrate.


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2 thoughts on “so everyone is excited about Christmas

  1. Ingle Ells, Ingle Ells. What would Christmas be without J&B? Didn’t you just love that advert. Moderate this TP. Either way I think the “fallout” of this statement will be less for me than for you. You controversial blogger you. Lloyd feast on this!

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