the gift of friendship: Shelley

As I’m celebrating friendship this Christmas I am realizing doing stuff together is a vital ingredient of friendship ‘becoming’ and growing and ‘being’.

Just yesterday Zuko was visited by some friends. They had brunch together, on the deck, overlooking the forest & ocean. They made the brunch together. She showed them how she creates fresh french croissants from scratch and the ‘doing together’ made it enjoyable and interesting as if there is emotional glue somewhere in there.

Eating together.

Talking together.

Time together.

Those have been as important in the friendships I celebrate, but ‘doing together’ seems to add a mystical ingredient which creates wonderful relationships.

I met Shelley shortly after walking away from my first career and stumbling into the world of radio.

We were both at a time of emergence and we both discovered a sense of restoration in creating and shaping and re-inventing the place we are now proud to call Kingfisher FM.

She joined the station as a sales agent, I joined it as an agent of change.

It was the radio station & both of us coming to expend our laborious energy on building it which brought us into proximity to each other. As days and weeks evaporated into the mist of months and years we created together, struggled together, innovated together and tasted some success and some disappointment together.

We’ve done more than radio together. We’ve eaten together. We’ve celebrated birthdays & new years. We’ve disagreed. We’ve made peace. We’ve laughed and cried. We’ve hoped and dreamed.

We’ve shared time at the river.

The river.

A place where relationships can grow.

She dreams of becoming a professional speaker. And she will. She won’t be just another professional speaker, she’ll be an exceptional professional speaker, inspiring people with passionate encouragement and skilled presentations.

I can see the treasures hidden inside of her, gold, incense.

She’ll fly.

Eventually she’ll fly away from Kingfisher FM into a brand new world and we won’t be ‘working together’ anymore.

Somehow I know, as she soars high, our friendship will keep on growing and becoming, for we have affected each other and in our ‘doing together’ we’ve discovered that we re-late.

Shelley is confident.

She is passionate.

She is convinced of her own opinions.

She thinks and challenges.

I admire her for her resilience. For the hope she nurtures. For her compassion & conviction and single-minded dedication. I admire her for her graceful and forgiving spirit.

Ancient wisdom speaks of a friend who is near who is better than a brother who is far. In many of my friendships I’ve found brothers and sisters who are near. Amazing individuals who fill an immense void in my being through their undeniable presence.

She is one of them.

A sister in the real sense of the Word.

Almost as if our ‘blood’ and ‘history’ and ‘heritage’ magically mingled.

I am fortunate.

I am grateful.

This Christmas, I celebrate the gift of friendship.

True friendship.

Real friendship.

Authentic friendship.

It is a gift worth more than any other.


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