push it …

Go on, push it.

I’m a bit reluctant.

Who knows what will happen?

Who knows where it all will lead?

I’ve pushed it before.

The outcome is somewhat erratic.

Sometimes nothing happens.


You wait.

You wait a while longer.

You push it again.

Nothing happens.


Other times, as my thumb depresses the cold red button and an irreversible ‘click’ echoes through the chambers of existence a chain of events is unleashed. A reckless chain of events which relentlessly careen forward towards that inevitable abyss, dragging me and everyone in proximity to me along nasty rails and eventually crushing us at the bottom of that deep dark pit.




Pushing the red button has been good as well.

It has felt warm to the touch.

It has changed the environment.

It has brought a fresh breeze and the song of feathery forest creatures.

Kind creatures enchanting with their song.

So what to do on this day?


It feeds fear.

But not pushing it isn’t really an option.

eventually it is going to be pushed.

So here we go.

First post for 2011.

First step into the great unknown.

Perhaps this time round the wild and exciting will be in synchronicity with fresh and alive and authentic and meaningful.

You ready?


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