little Carl saves Hemley

Little Carl is a little boy who lives in a little wooden house on a not so little hill outside a smallish coastal city on the southern coast of Africa.

Little Carl does not live by himself in this little wooden house on the not so little hill. And to little Carl this little wooden house is more than just a house. It is his home because he shares it with his father, mother, two sisters, four dogs, four cats, seven gold-fish, one cockatiel, four horses and 14 chickens. Even though this is Africa the four horses and fourteen chickens do not live inside the little wooden house with little Carl, his two parents and two sisters, as some might think. Here in Africa life is much like life on any other continent, although little Carl knows the sun shines brighter here and the air is fresher. The four horses have their own little field on the slopes of the not so little hill below the little wooden house and the fourteen chickens have their own little coop next to little Carl’s mother’s organic vegetable garden where they not only lay their eggs, but also diligently work in the organic vegetable garden ridding it of bugs and creepy crawly intruders while loosening the soil so that when little Carl’s mother waters the organic vegetable garden the water easily finds its way to the roots of each little vegetable plant so that it can grow big and strong and juicy for the day when little Carl and his two sisters visit the garden to pick the freshest carrots and corn and beetroot and beans for the day’s lunch or supper.

Little Carl once tried to plant some ice cream for desert, but for some reason the plant never grew or yielded a crop. Little Carl is convinced it is because he boldly planted chocolate ice cream. He is still planning to plant some vanilla ice cream which he believes would grow much better in this not so little hill’s climate.


‘Little Carl saves Hemley’ is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store as part of ‘The Adventures of Little Carl – five stories for Little Boys with BIG imaginations

I hope you’ll enjoy it.


12 thoughts on “little Carl saves Hemley

  1. I love redheads! Him and Lola would be a great duo.
    She actually believes I stole her from her real “redheaded” family…
    I had to get a photograph of her grandfather just to prove it to her…
    As always, you rock.

    • hey Miss Obvious, thanks for stopping by & for leaving a ‘footprint’. Is it like that with you too, I’m rather curious about who is reading my thoughts & where they are from? I loved writing about little Carl & our kids loved the story, Theunsie insists every Friday I must write a new post on little Carl, so I’m thinking I’ll oblige, my Sophia even insisted last night that I read the story to her again and as I got to certain parts she would quote the story even before I could read it – now that was awesome. 🙂

  2. Those who don’t live in PE don’t know the treacherous current at Sards. What a heart-stopping story! When did it happen…. Carl is indeed a superhero!

  3. Brilliant bud! It reminded me of the day I went in after a drowning man in Summerstrand in exactly the same manner. Boogie board and all… You captured the moment brilliantly, even little Carl talking to Hemley on the way back to the shore brought memories of the event flooding back. From both these stories I believe Little Carl should definately have many more adventures to be shared with many boys and girls…

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