little Carl slays a Beast

Little Carl is a little boy who lives in a little wooden house on a not so little hill.

Perhaps you’ve met little Carl on that fateful and wonderful day when he saved Hemley from the throat of Africa’s thirsty ocean? If you are not as fortunate, then this is your golden opportunity.

Little Carl lives a not so little life which he shares with his father, mother, two sisters and a somewhat little herd of animals. His father disagrees about the size of the herd of animals with wich they share life, believing four horses, four dogs, four cats, seven gold-fish, a cockatiel, fourteen chickens and four goats not to be such a small herd of animals. Little Carl insists that there are people who share their lives with somewhat larger herds. Their frequent visits to their grandmother’s farm where troops of baboons frolic on the slopes of the not so little mountain and uncountable cattle drink at the watering hole only serves to encourage his not so little conviction regarding this matter.


‘Little Carl slays a Beast’ is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store as part of ‘The Adventures of Little Carl – five stories for Little Boys with BIG imaginations

I hope you’ll enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “little Carl slays a Beast

    • Absolute kleinnood!!! Doet zo voort – dis beau, uniek en soooo Theuns – sorry, “Lite Carls precious dad”!!! Ek geniet dit met oorgawe!!!!

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