little Carl discovers a Secret

This story is about a little boy who lives in a little wooden house on a not so little hill.

Little Carl.

Those of you who’ve met him might believe him to be an exceptionally brave little boy. No one could blame you for believing this, not after hearing the wonderous tales of how little Carl saved Hemley and how little Carl slayed a beast.

Little Carl would be quick to point out to anyone who is interested that bravery had nothing to do with these fantastical experiences. ‘Life finds us’, he would say, ‘and presents us with opportunities and challenges – all of which are gifts in equal measure.’ And with that little Carl would be done with the subject far more interested in living life than contemplating it.

Little Carl did not always live in the little wooden house on the not so little hill.


‘Little Carl discovers a Secret’ is now available from Amazon’s Kindle-store as part of ‘The Adventures of Little Carl – five stories for Little Boys with BIG imaginations

I hope you’ll enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “little Carl discovers a Secret

  1. Wanneer jy die reeks boeke publiseer, wil ek hulle almal koop sodat ek dit vir my kinders kan lees…die boeke sal natuurlik geillustreer wees met Zuko se foto’s!

    Ek geniet dit so! Die stories is vol avontuur en fantasie…en tog resoneer elke deel daarvan met ‘n authenticity van die lewe en die lewe-gewer…

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