hope and reality



We have not ended our spree of obsessive compulsive TV-series watching.

House Season 6 is our most recent compulsion.

Now if you know Gregory House, and yes I am aware that he is merely a fictional character and I’ve not lost all touch with reality yet. Although, I do believe the character is an expression of what lives in many of our minds very often. Pain. disappointment. Desire to connect. Fear of being disconnected. Compulsion. Addiction and all the other things we claim to fill the hole in our soul unsuccessfully.

I won’t project.

Perhaps the character is an expression of what lives in my mind and I am consoled that at least it must be living in the character’s creator’s mind for him to be able to have created it. Or maybe he just read a library of psychology text books and created the character from a conglomerate of psychological deviations and suddenly it resembles who I am and I can relate to it with ease.

Any how – what I wanted to talk about in this post, the end of season 6. During the last 3 episodes Zuko and I was saying to each other: no, they can’t end this season in the same desperate place where the previous season ended, with House admitting himself to a psychiatric hospital, alone, addicted, pretty much destroyed. The second part of this season House was very much on the precipice. Contemplating going back on Vicodin, drinking a lot, feeling loss and then in the last moments of the last episode he connects with Cuddy whom he has loved from a distance. And they’re honest with each other and the embrace and everything is well.

Perhaps this is the hope we all live with – that we will find that one person who embraces us & everything will be well?

Perhaps this is the reality many have to eat for breakfast , lunch and supper – disconnection, loneliness?

Perhaps this is the disappointment eating away at many of us – that we are amongst people, but we are isolated?

And what is House Season 6’s ending is really the beginning we all hope for?

A place where we can see past our own brokenness, where we can accept our failures and short-comings and someone else can be embraced not despite their own failures and shortcomings, but because of it.


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One thought on “hope and reality

  1. maybe we are isolated because our hopes and aspirations are misdirected? to my mind a lot of the hope we seem to have tends to be somewhat hedonistic, ‘me’ focused, ‘my’ benefits, unrealistically romantic (even erotically so), etc.
    maybe we are missing the point? (which Hollywood actively manipulates us with and fuels into flame so that we will keep coming back for more of… )
    personally, I battle to sit through these media meals. for me it’s like going to McDonalds, buying a super-size plasto-cement burger look-a-like circular shaped mush of God-knows-what and eating the cardboard box as well.
    I like my mind, body and soul too much perhaps? maybe I’m an incurable cynic? …. but then again, maybe I’m not….

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