cold winters bringing warm summers





The toughest of seasons no matter where in the world you find yourself.

The toughest of seasons when experienced, not in the weather, but in life and living.

Life’s winters can be longer and harder than any winter the sun & the moon can muster. They can be devastating, emptying us from the inside of every bit of strength and hope and resource we may have had.

The good thing about seasons is that they have rhythm – winter is always followed by spring & summer. And the coldest of winters make way for the best of summers.

I don’t know where in life you find yourself.

Perhaps you’re coming out of winter, hoping the blossoms of Spring will bear fruit – emotionally, spiritually, maybe even financially.

Perhaps you’re in a winter so long, you cannot imagine it will ever end.




I suppose geography is important – winter in some places are more difficult than in others.

Proximity is more important.

I love the sun on my skin.

I love the feel of the cool river water against my body.

I love days which will not end and early summer’s mornings.

I love as much snuggling with my Zuko under a blanket in front of the fire-place, sipping hot chocolate & talking & dreaming.

Winters shared are much more bearable.

I remind myself of this, even as my own winters are always fresh in memory.

I will share my fire, my blanket & hot chocolate.

I will share my little bit of sunshine as someone else struggles to make it through their own winter.


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6 thoughts on “cold winters bringing warm summers

  1. Thank you, Theunis. Your beautiful piece broughts tears to my eyes that spilled over and ran, unchecked, down my cheeks, for many minutes. Our winter is some 2 years in the making already, and we are tired. We long for the care-free days of Summer when we felt the sun on our face, and life was “easy”. The only thing that has brought us to this point is His beautiful grace – of which we had no personal knowledge until we met our winter. So, even in the cold, harshness of winter, there is, indeed, beauty.

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