too early for breakfast

We were just settling in front of the TV, ready for our Friday night dose of Boston Legal, when the phone rang.

Mike. He doesn’t often call & has never done so on a Friday night. So I push the steak & chips aside and take the call.


‘Hey, my friend. Sorry to be a bother on a Friday night, but I’m feeling kind of lonely tonight. I thought you’d invite me for supper or something.’

Mike is recently divorced, has just moved into his own place & I can just imagine that he needs company.

‘Mike! You know how it works at our place. You don’t need an invitation. If I answer the phone it is ’cause I want to talk to you. If I open the gate, its ’cause I want you to come in. We’re having steak & chips, doing the Boston Legal-marathon. We’re starting season four tonight. Come!’

‘Nah. Just pulling your leg.’ I know he isn’t. ‘Although I wouldn’t mind some of your wife’s pasta.’

‘Now don’t be rude, Mike.’

‘I like your wife’s pasta. Best pasta I’ve ever had.’

‘No pasta tonight, just steak & chips, but there’s enough for you too.’

‘I might take you up on that next week. Tonight I’m sorted. That’s actually why I’m calling. There’s this guy in town. Taso Pappas. Greek. Interesting man. We’re having a bit of a get together tomorrow morning. Share some ideas. I thought you might enjoy it.’

This is what Mike does. He gets people together. He likes ideas. And it is usually interesting stuff, but my weekends are holy ground. I like spending it with Zuko and the kids and we already have something on at eleven.

‘We’re doing a little breakfast. Seven to nine.’ And so I agree to meet Mike at seven for breakfast and some of Taso Pappas’ ideas.

There wasn’t much of breakfast. A cup of coffee was it. Good coffee, so I’m not complaining and the ideas were interesting.

Taso spoke about inner walls.

How walls are never outside of us.

How what we perceive ourselves to be, determines what we choose & attempt & accomplish.

‘Your heart is your thermostat, determining where you will go,’ he said.

It rings true.

I’ve seen it in my own life.

‘Your sense of self will determine what you are bound too. How far you can go, but also what you will allow.’

The rest I missed.

This was the nugget I got up early for.

And as Taso and the rest of the people at the ‘breakfast’ go off on their tangent, I chew on this little bit of wisdom.

How do I see myself?

How has it prevented me or bound me?

How has it enabled me or bound me to much?

How did I come to see myself as such?

Is this truly who I am?


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3 thoughts on “too early for breakfast

  1. very true T, perhaps the real major benefit of others and their ideas is that they afford us the privilege of another view of ourselves and the world we (sometimes reluctantly) share. I agree with Björn, all we are is the way we see it. perhaps ours (and God’s) loneliness is able to be dealt with when we have another witness to our own, private, inner world?

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