death & life

death brings life

loss brings gain

darkness brings light

i wrote about this many moons ago

death, life, freedom

i wrote about it looking back

i believe this


hindsight is twenty-twenty, my friend says

i am not looking back


i need to embrace this truth


for me


death brings life

it precedes it

it makes the way

it opens the door

it prepares the soil

death is violent



it destroys

it takes away

rips away


this life is filled with violence

harsh destructive violence




the god i share my life with

the god i’ve known since my beginning

the god i have wanted to deny

but could not


who is persistent

in my face

he is violent

he kills

his own son


he demeans


he shames


he falls

from grace

from god

from almighty

to like me



and blood

he manipulates people

to take him

to beat him

to pound rusty nails through his hands

hang him

kill himself

he dies

and he lives

and i live


death brings life

they slaughter

a lamb

they smear

the blood

the angel of death passes over them

the sons of Egypt dies


death brings life

i remind myself

i have to remind myself

for death is here




death brings life

in me

for me


and so i embrace death’s darkness, i smile at its arrival, welcome it into my world, find comfort in its nearness, remembering the life i now have was given to me through its cold bony hands, knowing the life i will have will come trhough its vile breath

death brings life

the seed must fall in the earth and die

so the flower may bloom

the fruit must perish and decay

rot in the ground

so the tree may take root & bear harvest

and feed many

death brings life

welcome my friend

i cry

for i hold dear what you have given me

it is beautiful

it is magnificent

i cry

for i know it is faded in comparison

to what you will bring


in life

as this dies

i cry


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3 thoughts on “death & life

  1. ons sal lewe my liefling…
    dis swaar…
    en ek huil saam met jou…
    maar ons het mekaar…
    ek bid dat Hy daai gevolge van ons en wat ons in mekeer het af sal weghou… sodat ons nie daar death ervaar nie…

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