Now here’s an interesting word.

It speaks of fear.

It speaks of capturing.

It speaks of understanding.

Seemingly diverse ideas comunicated by a single sound.


The man was apprehensive as he aproached the bank manager.

The officer apprehended the suspect.

The student apprehended the idea explained by his teacher.

He arrested it.

He took control of it.

As fear does of us.

Preventing us from living as we want to live.


May we apprehend fear as we apprehend the idea that we are more than what we’ve come to believe.

May our only apprehension be that we live meaningless lives spent on apprehending stuff instead of affecting our little bit of world.


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3 thoughts on “apprehension

  1. ap p r e he ns i o n – not having a computer to log on to write, read, and communicate

    h a p p i ness – failed hard drive later and way backed up on work, I get to think about my replies now and can read your blog 🙂

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