the incredible lightness of being

The incredible lightness of being – I’ve come to know this.

And I have not.

It is what I believe.

It is not what religion has taught me.

It is what I aspire to.

It has not permeated my existence.

How often do we love?




How seldom do we love ‘being’?

Our own being?

Others’ being?

How often do we hate ourselves for what we’ve done?

Our failures?

Our mistakes?

Our disappointing choices flowing into disappointing reality?

Perhaps the reality we see is clouded?

Perhaps we need to see past things & actions?

Perhaps we need to see our ‘being’?

In the Jewish Pentateuch there is a book which speaks of a people’s’ Exodus from Egypt.

From slavery.

Early on in this story a man called Moses has an encounter with a being.

Moses is close on eighty years old.

He is a man of loss.

He lost his parents.

He lost his cultural heritage.

He lost his inheritance as Prince of Egypt.

He is looking after his father-in-law’s sheep.

He isn’t in the office crunching the numbers.

He is an old man herding sheep.

He comes upon a bush.

A burning bush.

He hears a voice.


I’m sure, as he was telling this story, someone must have thought mad cow disease has finally taken its toll.

For him it is God.



God saying: ‘I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt.’

‘Who am I?’ he asks.


God’s answer is profound.

I am who I am.’

I am is sending you.’

‘The God of your fathers, of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob.’

‘This is my name forever.’

‘The name by which I am to be remembered.’

God answers Moses’ ‘who am I?’ question by defining himself.

Not in terms of what he does or have done.

Not in terms of what he owns or has owned or has lost.

In terms of his being and his relating.

I am.

Forget my name.

The name my parents gave me moments after I was born.

Forget my so-called accomplishments.

And my failures.

My mistakes.

My choices.

Forget what I own.

And owned.

And lost.

See my being.

See my relation.

I am.






Head strong.


For knowledge.

For ideas.

For conversation.

For connection.

For new surprising experiences.

For exceptional food.

Exceptional people.

I am the counterpart of Zuko.

The father of Theunsie and Pippa and Soffie.

The friend of Beate and Dolf.







Clair and Dominique.



Gary and Jane.

Alwyn & Juanita.



And in some way of Kathleen and Hilda and Amy.

I can lose my house.

I can lose my Landy and my horses.

I can fail at running & building the radio station entrusted to me.

It will not change who I am.

If I lose my Zuko, one of my children, my friends – then I change.

Become less.

Who AM you?

Have you thought about that?

And have you embraced your ‘being’?

For in seeing who you are and embracing it lies the incredible lightness of being.

It is how the God of Moses defines himself.

It is how I hope to live …


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5 thoughts on “the incredible lightness of being

  1. Yes, how true!!! And how often we care more about other “people” than “being”! Once again, my good friend, an excellent saying of what, I hope, most of us feel!!!!!

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