seven CITIES

It has been thirteen months since I started blogging.

I’ve published 120 posts and had 7977 all time views.

There are 31 friends who’ve chosen to subscribe to this blog via e-mail. Some 232 friends who might be following with some interest via NetworkedBlogs.

We’ve shared something of life. Thoughts. Ideas. And now I’m taking the liberty to ask you if you won’t be kind enough to spread the word.

I’ve published ‘seven CITIES’ for kindle on Amazon.

I wrote it for people talk magazine first as seven articles back in 2008.

Then I worked on it some more and eventually published them here hoping to get some feedback & response. And that I did. You were wonderful and your feedback helped me gain perspective. It helped me complete what I could not complete on my own & what would never be published in a formal publishing-house environment.

I thank God for a brave new world of blogs, social media & online publishing.

I took your feedback.

I worked some more on ‘seven CITIES’ and what is now available from Amazon for kindle is the result.

No one writes so that what has been written can be hidden somewhere on a shelf.

We write because we hope we will be read.

We hope we may add some value to someone’s life.


Open an insight.

Create knowledge.

Perhaps even touch a heart.

And so it is with me as well.

That is why I’m hoping you’ll help me spread the word.

Post a link on your Facebook Wall.

Tweet about it.

Write a customer review at Amazon.

Tell some friends.

I am not a famous writer.

I am a writer.

And being read is what it is about for our kind.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.



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