The Little Red Book of Wisdom by Mark DeMoss

The Little Red Book of Wisdom offers time-tested principles for professional and personal fulfillment.

Mark DeMoss gathers insights for living wisely from history, Scripture, and a lifetime of listening. The result is a handy, accessible book that gives readers a new way to enjoy lasting success in the work world and beyond. Topics include finding and keeping your focus in life, building a winning corporate culture, and setting aside time for good thinking.

What I loved about this little red book was that most of the wisdom offered was wisdom relevant to daily life. Wisdom I would have done well to receive as a youngster. The section on wisdom for your professional life compares favorably with ideas penned by writers like John Maxwell, Rob Parsons and Jim Collins. The chapter teaching that ‘Everyone’s in PR’ was very meaningful crammed with new ideas I’ve not heard before. Maybe the fact that DeMoss owns a well-known PR company brings value to this.

The second part of the book, on ‘Wisdom for Your Personal Life’ seemed a bit conservative at times. The chapter on anticipating deathbed regrets spoke to me. Maybe it is because I’m forty this year. Maybe it is because we need to be reminded of this often.

If I take one thing away from this little red book of wisdom, it would be exactly this.

This is a good book to read when you need to be reminded of sensible advice your father might not have passed on to you or which might have gotten lost in the clutter of everyday life.

It is a book to remain on your bedside table. To go back too often.


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