value perception

I wonder if we are valued for who we are?

Or for what we can contribute?

For my previous blog I was reading some articles on ‘youth’ and ‘youth unemployment’, not only in Africa, but across the globe. A United Nations article was very optimistic about the ‘youth bubble’ on its way in South Africa. The article believes it will create the opportunity of an expanded workforce over a 40 year period between 2030 and 2070. An opportunity which could be seized by the country to expand economically.

This made me wonder.

What are we valued for?

Does our value lie in the contribution we can make to the country’s economy?

Does it lie in the amount of tax we can pay?

Or in the vote we can cast in a democracy?

Or in the battle we can fight in a war?

Do governments really value humans?

Or are people of this world a mere commodity?

Do Churches really value their members?

Or are they just success indicators & contributors?

Do employers really value their employees?

Or are they just a means to an end.

There are a lot of articles going around about the population growth of the world. It fast approaching 7 billion. These articles speak of humans as a burden on our resources. Some speak of birth-control & population-control.

My Zuko is pregnant with our fourth child.

Will ‘little lump’ be just a burden on our planet?

Will my four children be regarded as valuable, only in as much as they can make a contribution?

There is so much conflict in our thinking.

‘Liberalists’ are pro-choice, but against the death penalty.

Kill the becoming life, but preserve the murderer’s.

‘Conservatists’ are pro-choice, but for the death penalty.

Neither value life.

Neither value humanity.

I am pro-life and against the death penalty.

How can one life have more value than another?

And yet, in our world it does.

The famous star, made famous by playing out fictional lives on a silver screen or performing songs on a stage is more valued …

The president.

The ruler.

The Chief Executive Officer of the massive corporation.

Was Steve Jobs’ death more tragic than the death of any of the eight people who died on Sunday night as they traveled from Port Alfred to Port Elizabeth?

From their families to their work 80 miles away.

It seems it was.

To some.

To most.

Life is precious.

Every life.

As long as our world do not realize this, life in it will be unbearable.

Is your child only as valuable as his compliance to your expectations?

Is your wife only as valuable as her ability to answer your needs?

To be what you need her to be?

Are you only as valued as the money you bring home?

Or the car you drive?

How upside down our world is.

I don’t think it has become this way.

Its been this way for a very very long time.

The message consistently heard: ‘your value isn’t in you, your value is in what you can do for me.’

The government.

The Church.

The company.

The friend.

The spouse.

I believe, and I may be naive, that God values every single life every born to this world.

Do the Psalms shared by Jew & Christian not speak of a life delicately woven in a mother’s womb?

By the Creator.

As an individual intimacy.

Matter & Spirit magically united.

Perhaps our world cannot change into a place more loving, more kind, more gentle, unless we collectively come to see the value of life.

Of me.

Of you.

Of the lady behind the counter at the shop.

Of the hobo at the corner of the street.

The murderer in jail.

The life in Zuko’s womb.


5 thoughts on “value perception

  1. Love believes everyone to be ‘the one’, love sees the best, what no one else takes time to see, love sees past the damage to the beauty. Love always hopes, always trusts, never fails. God loves each of us with this love. Some time we do, only He can.

    Thanks for asking the questions T, always good here.


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  3. Wow! We need to ask the question. There isn’t always an answer, but we need to ask the question. There is a paradox in the mere understanding of it all wouldn’t you say? Legitimacy and reality are, I suppose, in many ways relative to the person experiencing it.
    Governments primary motive is to stay in power, everything else comes second. Churches? Well I suppose one just needs to look at history and the state of “church” as it currently is. And church is used as a synonym for religion here I would imagine. How many denominations and religions are there? Are they all legitimate? What value do we ascribe to each & the people who participate?
    We as humans carry great responsibility to actually take responsibility for our lives and the way we live it. Ultimately we will have to account, of that I am certain.

  4. I believe in this. I feel value and loyalty go hand in hand yet they are of yesteryear. Employees used to be Loyal to the company that they worked for and companies were LOYAL to their employees. Now employees steal and lie and cheat, as well as the CEO’s! The companies are not longer Loyal to the employee and don’t care anymore that they put in 25 years of their life or even 10 and then bam they are out on the street because bigger, better, faster, smarter came along.

    I truly feel that we all can make a difference because if just one person makes a difference the Ripple Effect works and will therefore change lives in others as well.

    I believe one person can make a stand for what they believe in and someone else will come to stand with you.

    I believe that is we start being the change, then the change will start happening.

    I believe that if we want to start feeling valued, we have to valued other people and also start valuing the RIGHT things. I do not believe that material things are the RIGHT things. I believe the right things are starting with GOD, then we need to believe in each other.

  5. yet another post that reflects my heart:)

    i just want to share something that happened today: it is a story about trust instilling value.

    here in the outback things were pretty serious during the past week: everything was hush-hush, only the odd favourite tv-program, no friends, no sport and worst of all, no electronic gaming – i was so not the favourite mum. why? exam-time…

    both our fourteen year old and twelve year old studied diligently for their respective exam papers – the one with more protest and objection than the other. everything went well, then our eldest started coming down with flu yesterday and by this morning i realized this is a case for the doctor. he was devastated as he is one of those rare students who actually enjoys academics and exams. i promised him i’ll go to school and try to make alternative arrangements.

    i arrived at school, ten minutes before the students lined up for exams. i explained to his form teacher the situation and without hesitation, she turned towards the deputy head, asking him if they can let our son write his two subjects at home. yes, anytime. that was it, no conditions, no questions asked. i was awestruck by their unconditional trust and so much more was written all over my son’s face when i told him of the decision.

    my son wrote both his papers at home and when i dropped it off at school this afternoon i left with a deep realization that this is how we’ll change the world we live in: doing seemingly insignificant things for and to others in a way that reflects Hope Eternal.

    today my son felt important…it instilled something in him that he would replicate.

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