2011: wrapping it up

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Time does not stop.

One day gives way to the next, one month to another with seasons flowing into each other until another year has passed.

On our calendar there are sixteen days left before we start counting again from one for 365 days through summer and winter to a Christmas and New Year.

We have many beautiful memories of this year.

We worked too hard.

Traveled too little.

But we spent time with beautiful people.

We made amazing new friends & grew intimacy with ones we’ve known for years.

We wrap up gifts and that 2011 was.

A gift of time.

To become.

To be.

I am grateful for every post I could publish.

Every conversation I could have.

Every encounter which might have added value to someone’s life.

I am grateful for everything lost, for death is the engine of life.

And so I am grateful for the seeds falling in the ground with the promise of something more breaking through into tomorrow, creating new seed with the promise of new life.

Thank you for sharing life with me & us.

Thank you for being part of what is our little bit of world & allowing us to be a part of yours.

How amazing – that our beings may mingle through thoughts & touch, conversation & hope.

How fantastical that we may be more as we discover the rest of ourselves in each other.

We’re off to the farm for the last few days of this year.

We’ll be pitching our tents under the Pepper Tree in ‘Paling Kloof’.

Talking long walks in the mountains.

Swimming in the dam.

Reading in the shade of the big old thorn tree who has witnessed generations coming and going and striving and hoping while effortlessly growing towards the sun.

This is my prayer for you.

That you will effortlessly grow.

In who you are.

In all the beauty of who you’ve been created to be.

And my hope is this: that 2012 will bring us the opportunity to share more, discover more, experience more, touch more, together.

For in the end, I believe, in this is hidden the essence of life – our togetherness.


5 thoughts on “2011: wrapping it up

  1. Ja Theuns, dit is die kern van die lewe! Om dit wat jy het te betrag, in oenskou te neem, die slegte uit te wis en op die goeie en mooi 2012 in te wag!!! Dankie vir die Pienaars se altyd daar wees – die wete van my derde groep kinders is net ‘n verryking in my lewe! Geniet julle uitspan en mag 2012 die heel wonderlikste vir julle inhou!!!!!!

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