Knowledge in the Blood by Jonathan D. Jansen

It spent 14 weeks on my bedside table – not because I did not want to read it, but because I was hoping to read it slowly & without interuption.

It was given to me by a friend on a visit to Bloemfontein.

Dolf said I would enjoy it.  That it would challenge me & enrich me.  That it would broaden my perspective & understanding.

That it would help me make sense of my frustration with my own kind, in a world radically changed.

Knowledge in the Blood did all of that & more.

As we took a breather at the end of 2011, I took Jonathan Jansen’s book with me into the Winterberg & devoured it as the days lazed away with baboons calling from their caves by day & jackal calling us at night.

At first I felt a bit like an insect under a magnifying glass: Professor Jansen understands & comprehends the subject he writes about, immensely well.

‘The Afrikaner’.

He speaks of a knowledge in our blood.

I agree with him that this knowledge is in our blood.

I agree with him that it is a false knowledge.

I see how great aunts & uncles & aged parents – and even piers – speak & respond in ways which extend this knowledge way beyond the present.

I’m frustrated as I know it is a destructive knowledge.

A knowledge which will destroy the ones whose blood it infects.

I struggle to keep it from the blood of my children, without alienating them from family.

I’m astounded by the knee-jerk reaction of so many South Africans, resorting to this ‘blood-knowledge’ instead of trying to make new sense in a world with new opportunities.

I see it in action as we celebrate Christmas with an extended family.

This book is a must read for any Afrikaner living inside or outside South Africa.

It is a must read for black South Africans.

For South Africans.

It effectively unwraps a mind-set & worldview which prevents people from embracing the gift of forgiveness & freedom.

You need to read this.

It is one of those books with the potential to transform & influence our society.

I’d like you to read it, I have a copy you could borrow.

It will be time well spent.


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