wisdom list

A list.

Of wisdom.

My friend sent me one.

Made by a famous performer.

It made me smile.

And think.

It made me wonder.

If I had to make a list of how I look at life & what I value & how I hope I live – what would be on that list?

What would top it?

So here we go – my wisdom list, as it is today.

1. Love relentlessly – there will always be reasons not to love, even good ones, but never valid ones.

2. Forgive repeatedly – when I think about it, I need this more than I could ever give it, so I give it willingly, knowing that I’ll always receive more than I could ever give. And give it to yourself as well. It is easy to look back and fixate on your mistakes. We all do the best we can in this very moment.

3. Enjoy voraciously – anything from food, to travel, to work and especially people. Life isn’t meant to be ‘mild’ or ‘tame’ or ‘even’. It is meant to have rugged mountains & wild oceans & deep forests. Taste. Experience.

4. Savor intentionaly – take your time, don’t be rushed, not by anything. If you’re having a conversation, if you’re watching a movie, if you’re eating fabulous food or having sex or sipping whiskey or reading a book or creating something or building or learning, whatever you spend your time and energy on, make sure you experience it in its complete and comprehensive fullness. This moment can never again be had.

5. Embrace remoreselessly – new ideas, new concepts, new thoughts, new friends, new challenges, new technology, new hope and new ways of shaping the world you live in. It is only if we have an open mind that we will become.

6. Try ferociously – there is always stuff which happens and other stuff that goes wrong and more stuff that just doesn;t want to come to life. Try. Try some more. Try again, but keep on trying. Never believe the one who says you should give up. If you give up there is no life left.

7. Follow passionately – nothing but your own heart. Your heart knows. You. What you enjoy. What you are here for. Your being. Trust it. Believe it. Listen for it. Passionately. Even if everything else proclaims the opposite. Don’t worry and don’t be perturbed. The only happiness available to anyone is found in the process of following your heart.

8. Choose honesty – about yourself and the ones you love and where you are and who you are and what is and was and will be. About what is sad and what you would’ve loved to be different. About what is wonderful and that which is your own doing and that which is pure luck. Honesty feeds life.

9. Set free – there is absolutely no value in control. Control is an illusion. It is meaningless. Set free. Your Partner. Your children. Your parents. Your friends. You employees or collueges. Set them free to be and become and do and discover and in setting them free, claim that freedom for yourself as well.

10. Own carefully – stuff is just stuff and can be wonderful when it enables you to love or forgive or embrace or be, but more often than not it becomes something which owns instead of being owned eating your time and energy & robbing you of the opportunity to be with people or follow your heart or experience. Stuff isn’t that important and it doesn’t guarantee anything for the future. What you ‘have’ now can be gone tomorrow. Don;t worry too much about it and definitely don’t anchor your identity in it.

Now show me YOUR wisdom list.


5 thoughts on “wisdom list

  1. 11. fight your ego – always make sure your decisions are not based on your ego feeling bruised or insulted as these decisions will usually end in heartache.

  2. 11. fight your ego – always make sure your decisions are not based on your ego feeling bruised or insulted as these decisions will usually end in disaster.

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