what if there were no guilt?

I wonder how different it would be if there were no guilt?

If there was no ‘something’ which hung over us with which to be coerced or forced or driven?

By parents.

Or partners.

Or priests.

By Politicians.

Or pompous promoters.

What if we were truly free, to be and do according to what lived inside our being?

Christians across the world are celebrating ‘palm sunday’, today.

It precedes Good Friday.

Which will culminate in Easter Sunday.

It is a celebration.

Of Christs crucifixion.

His death & resurection.

It is a celebration of the law fulfilled.

Of redemption.



Was this work of the Christ incomplete?

Is the salvation he brought not comprehensive?

If Christ’s work on the cross is complete, there would not be any guilt.


To drive believers into providing the resources to build buildings & pay salaries.

To drive believers into sacrificing time and energy for services and activities.

If Christ’s work on the cross is complete, there would not be any fear.


In the hearts of religious leaders that their churches & coffers would be empty if they let go of the whip of guilt to drive the flock into submission.

If Christ’s work on the cross is complete, there would be freedom.

For people to live in relationship.

To be and become.

In relationship.

With him and them.

To live according to their good conscience.

Which is redeemed.

Which may be trusted, as it is affected by his affection every new day.

If Christ’s work on the cross is complete, there would be no judgement.

Of ones who choose differently.

Who live differently.

Who do not comply to our expectations of right and wrong and good and bad.

If Christ’s work on the cross is complete, there would be love.

In the hearts of people who know him.

And come to know him.

Expressed daily in acts of kindness.

In giving away beyond a measured percentage or a logical sensibility.

In spending time with outcasts and unacceptables.

As Good Friday approaches.

I wonder about the completeness of Christ’s sacrifice.

And I pray.

That it would be complete in the being of those who lead and organize.

So that freedom may be the energy.

The freedom he paid for.

Which would be the greatest praise and worship and glorification of he who created this world and did not give up on it.

Still not.

Even if the completeness of his sacrifice has not been embraced.

For fear.

Of loss.

Of control.

And coercion.


5 thoughts on “what if there were no guilt?

  1. guilt is a curse given to us by mankind … sadly.
    it is something we hold onto … pass on … tempt others with …
    if we could only let it go – but we feel to guilty to even do that!

  2. Excellent thoughts Theunis…this the very heart of the Gospel…nothing can be added or subtracted…you’ve captured it beautifully.

  3. Beautiful thoughts Theunis…this is the very heart of the Gospel…nothing to be added or subtracted…you’ve captured it beautifully. Thank you!

  4. as X-tians perhaps we need to inflict guilt. … possibly because it makes us feel right, correct, better about ourselves… maybe because it makes us feel more secure to believe that we are better than those who we proclaim will perish without the belief systems we have… in all things what we say and do says more about us than it does of any others…
    Jesus set an example of not condemning anyone, even the occupying Roman legions, “sell-out” Hebrew tax collectors who worked against their own brethren for the occupying militant state of Rome, women caught in the very act of sexual immorality and those trapped in prostitution, even thieves and murderers. But we seem very needy of proclaiming guilt (we say, to drive people to the grace of the gospel of Christ), but 100’s of years and multitudes of legal requirements and harsh penalties never achieved this under the torturous legislated guilt of the Mosaic covenant. I despair of our state as the church today, I despair of our theology, our missiology, our physical expression of the message and manifest presence of the gracious God we claim to believe in and claim to love and serve unreservedly. It all sounds profoundly Pharisaical to me. we embarrass ourselves. If it would make any difference I would wear sackcloth and douse my head with ashes… but this would make no difference to hearts that are hard and calloused and critical beyond comprehension.

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