what if God was someone?

(image: Suren Manvelyan via photographyserved)

If God was someone, he would be able to talk.

For himself.

He would be able to speak & interact, with me.



If God was someone, a person, who is alive & lives – he would be able to share experiences with me.

Do things.

With me.

And for me.




He would not need someone to convey a message to me.

Not often.

Sometimes it happens.

Someone would send a message through a friend, letting me know: ‘hey, Theunis, we have to meet up, drink some coffee, talk and decide to do some things together.’

That is the message.

And that message is the exception, it is not the rule.

Mostly that message only comes once.

Perhaps twice if the person sending it is very serious about getting together and doing something.

Usually, if I want to meet someone, I get his number or his e-mail address, or search for him on Facebook and message him or phone or e-mail.

‘Hi, I’m Theunis Pienaar. I would like to meet you. Get to know you. I have an idea I would like to share. I think you might like the idea. I see you have some ideas. They interest me. I would like to get to know them better.’

And we meet.

And we talk.

And we become friends.

Or associates.

Or not.

If God was someone, he might send a message, but I doubt ‘sending a message’ would be the rule.

Perhaps he would speak.

For himself.

To me.

Sharing his own heart.

His hope.

His ideas.

Telling me what he is excited about.

What he loves.

What he would love to see happening.

Perhaps if God was someone, he would share life with me and allow me to share life with him.

The presidents of countries are unreachable.

The Kings and Queens.

The dictators & rulers.

They have secretaries & spokespersons.

Telling crowds of people how it will be & what the will of the elevated ruler is.

I suppose they are someone too.

And they speak with a select few.

Whom they know intimately.

And through whom they can communicate with their subjects.

Even that few aren’t friends.

I imagine.

They are employees.

Paid for the work they do.

With shifting allegiance.

According to their own heart.

With aspirations.

Of their own.

If God is someone, I imagine he whispers in my being. Telling me stories of life & being of living & becoming. Sharing an incomprehensible heart. Friendship. Hope. Ideas.

If God is someone, I imagine he is present.



Where I might be.


Him alongside me.

Me alongside him.

Alongside many.



If God is someone, I imagine this world would be different.

As we are affected by his affection.

If God is someone, I imagine this world will be affected by freedom & hope & love.

By justice & kindness.

By gratitude & generosity.

A world not owned or controlled.

Not subjected & managed.

A world set free.

A world affected.


7 thoughts on “what if God was someone?

    • that is a good question, Lloyd. i suppose if God wasn’t someone, he wouldn’t be able to talk or interact or share life. i suppose then there would be many who would freely speak on his behalf, in contradicting voices working towards a similar outcome, control instead of freedom, subjection in stead of relationship, force instead of cooperation.

      a world unaffected, since there is no affection?

      • as I read your reply I can’t help but think that is more or less exactly what we have right now…
        … maybe we created God in our image? maybe we created God as a ‘someone’ … conveniently, for our sakes … and this has inevitably been hijacked by many who speak on his behalf, … with words of contradiction, … working towards an outcome of control instead of freedom, subjection instead of relationship, force and coercion instead of cooperation…?
        did not God have it written in our sacred scriptures that ‘he’ is not a man like us, … does not reason like us, think like us, act like us,…
        is this not perhaps why we now have those who stand before us and would have us believe that when they speak, think, feel, decide … it is God Almighty who speaks, thinks, feels, decides for us right before their very eyes?…. seducing us to abdicate our rightful place in the balance of life and eternity and live unaffected lives…?

        why would it be so important for us to have a belief in place that God is a humanoid type … a personified entity who thinks like us, feels like us, reasons like us, defines concepts like love, like, right, wrong, justice, good, evil, etc. etc.
        could it be that this belief system is almost exclusively for our own convenience?
        could it also be that our faith is not in a supreme creator, but in ourselves almost exclusively?

  1. i think sometimes we look at the world with a wideangle lense and then its almost impossible to see a world affected. i think we should look at the world a little closer…where i am…the relationships around me…grace around us…i’ts definitely all around me…i see gratitude and generosity, small little bits of a world changed and beautiful…

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