what if there were no Church?

How would it be if there were no Church?

No organization?

No buildings with pastors or priests and pews?

No one to collect and spend tithes?

No one to declare: so saith the Lord?

No one to manage and facilitate or co-ordinate our worship or praise or kind heartedness?

I wonder if Christianity would crumble?

If societies would be different?

If people would be less organized in their efforts to make a difference or less certain in their conviction of who God is and how he is to be served?

I wonder if I would’ve known of God?

Of Moses and the Israelites and David and Goliath? Of Abraham and Isaac and Ismael and Joseph and the Pharaoh of Elijah and Jesus and John and Paul?

I wonder if our legal system would’ve had the same fibre?

If our schools and hospitals would’ve operated in the same way?

I wonder if it is modernism which was created by Christianity or modern Christianity which was created by modernism?

I wonder if God would be absent?

I wonder if he would seem different?

If there were no Church?

If he would be silent?

Or more vociferous?

I wonder how we came to organize and express ourselves in this way?

If it is the result of faithful conviction or industrialized practicality and optimization of effort?

I wonder if it is the only way?

If there is no other way?

I wonder if it is possible for ‘Church’ to be, without ‘being’ what it is in this very moment?

I wonder if ‘Church’ in 50 AD & 75 AD and 150 AD looked the same?

Did the same?

Thought the same?

Believed the same?

Even though it existed before modernism and industrialization and post-modernism?

I wonder what ‘Church’ looked like in that village in North Africa or Ethiopia?

Unaffected by Greek and Roman thinking?

Unaffected by global media and modern-communication?

I wonder if ‘Church” today is an expression of our faith or our culture?

But mostly I wonder about what would be lost if there were no Church?

If believers just lived?

If people in relationship with God just were?

What would be missing?

What would be less?

For I find so many outside the Church. Believers. Adrift. Without organization or spiritual leader or address.

And I wonder, if for them, there is no Church?

Or if for them, Church is them?

Even if the form is so different that it cannot be recognized as Church?

I wonder if there are others who wonder about this too?

Or if I am the only one who wonder aimlessly?


One thought on “what if there were no Church?

  1. i think if there were no church, we would be way more evolved than we are now. the church is holding people back by putting (literally) the fear of God into them.

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