words are seeds

seeds fall in the ground.





more than it was when it fell into the ground.

words fall in the soul.





more than it was when it was first spoken.

i knew this.

then we had supper.

the south african couple was upset.

they had said goodbye to their son.

it was time.

he is twenty-five.

he studied geology.

a bachelors degree.

then an honors.

then a masters.

highly educated he is.

now he is off to australia.

to be a laborer.

on a farm.

as supper is served this couple talk of their disappointment that their son had left the country of how much they will miss him & how sad it is that he chose to go and make a life on another continent far-far away.

then conversation starts.

they slate government.

the country.

the majority of its people.

they speak of how bad it is.

how hopeless.

they speak of how deteriorated & run-down it is.

we’re having supper at a family home.

in an up-market neighborhood.

there are seven dishes on the table.

fish as well as meat.

and desert.

two kinds.

it is a feast.

earlier we sat on the veranda.


no one attacked us.

no one robbed us.

but it is bad.


these are the words their son heard every day for the past 18 years.

the seeds sown in his soul.

today the fruit of the seed is ripe.

he will not come back.

not for more than a few weeks’ holiday.

a few years apart.

i am reminded.

seeds fall in the ground.

they germinate.


become something more.

and if it is true in the negative, then it must also be true in the positive.

i love you.

you are amazing.



i am proud of you.

you are so talented.



how astounding.

you are more than anyone could ever imagine.

my zuko planted these seeds in me.

alongside wonderful friends.

my first boss.

my hebrew lecturer.

my history professor.

my children.

and i hope to be planting these seeds in them.

my son.

and daughters.

you are beautiful.

you are smart.


great with people.

and i hope they will fall in their soul.





more than it was when it was first spoken.

perhaps if we are aware that words are seeds, we will be more careful with what we sow.

you are free.

you are amazing.

you are beautiful.





for what we say, will become.

as will what is said to us.


14 thoughts on “words are seeds

  1. I really believe and try (very hard) to live by this. Tell my kids everyday how great they are and to dream big, yes… what we hear, we believe to be true and we become!

  2. This is a great truth, as you think,you believe,you speak…….nothing uttered is without effect, there is power in the word……..may we always strive to speak positive goodness ……….thank you for your words Theunis they bless us and challenge us always.

  3. Totally, totally agree. But there are more ingredients to add to the weight of the spoken word. In order to make this spoken word reality, it starts with time. To listen. To understand. To absorb. All in order to truly know. To truly know the word (rhema) he or she is.

    • I’ve seen words become reality, just on their own, like gravity pulling or water soaking. I would agree though, in my experience, it is only in relationship with him who is known as Word, that my own seed has any beautiful fruit.

  4. Fact! I have seen it happening in the families of close friends. Whatever seeds we plant, criticism, discrimination, intolerance all appear in another form at another time in those who constantly hearing them, mostly often the children in the home.

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