relationship our mosque

When our first three children were born, we found ourselves squarely inside organized religion.

Nine years later with the birth of Maddi we are outside.


Relationships have become our Mosque & Synagogue.

Our place of worship.

Our space in which we become.


In which we are challenged.

To face our being.

All its greatness & emptiness.

I’ve been thinking about the battle in the middle east.

The injustice once visited upon Jewish people.

On Muslims by knights with holy crusades.

How did Christian & Jew & Muslim forget that they have a shared story of a God who creatively called everything into being?

How did a message of inclusive love turn out to be the motivator for stories of division & judgement, oppression & destruction?

Of people.

And peoples.


And communities.

Relationship could have the same trappings so often so present in organized religion.




The relationship which has become our Mosque is of a rarer breed.

Drenched in freedom.

Empty of guilt & debt.

Always accepting.



It is in this Mosque that we meet ourselves.

Seeing with different eyes.

It is in this Synagogue that we make sense.

From day-to-day.

Always new.

Sometimes again.

Of life.

And pain.

Of disappointment.

And despondency.

As we relate our lives.



And are related to.

A grand Mosque this is.

Always present.

In every word.

In every moment.

Every taste.



In new ways, in Maddi.

As she relates a new story.


*Image courtesy of Open Buildings


4 thoughts on “relationship our mosque

  1. Ja, sooo waar, sooo mooi, sooo opreg! Pragtig en thanx!!!!
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