uncertainty – an illusion

It is.

Even if it is impossible to believe.

Or hold on too.

An illusion.


Feeding fear.

Paralyzing our being.

Robbing us of life.

In this moment.

As we wonder about tomorrow.

What may be.

We see.

The worst.

And David stands before the giant.

Daniel before the lion.

Joseph before another man’s wife.

And Moses stands before the sea.

Before the crowd.

Before the thirst & hunger.

Abraham before the barren womb.

Before the altar, dagger raised high.

Esther before the king.


Elijah before the queen.

The widow.

And God is there.

And God is there.

And David stands with blood stained hands.

Holding the baby.

And Moses enraged with anger.

And Jona.

Noah drunk with shame.

And God is there.

And God is there.


And I.

As well.

Before the insurmountable.

The impossible.

The dream.

The hope.

The desperate desire.

Engulfed by what seems to be uncertainty.

Woven by crafty hands.

And God is there.

And God is there.


Regardless of pure white pebbles or bloodied hands.

He is.

If I see.

Or not.

If I do or don’t.

Regardless of my perception of acceptable.

Because (s)he is.


Because (s)he sees.


Beautifuly crafted.

Immeasurably valued.


(S)he is.

In every moment.

In every hope.

In every need.

All at once.


An illusion.


Because (s)he is.

May you see the Presence.


May you notice the devine essence.

In love.

May you realize that (s)he is here.

Because you are.

May fear evaporate.

And life begin.

As you are.


In new ways.


2 thoughts on “uncertainty – an illusion

  1. Ja, ek VERSTAAN nie. ek GLO nie altyd nie. Maar my Calvinistiese agtergrond sê ek moet HOOP, verligting??? Swaarkry???? Alleen wees???? Hy IS daar!! Dankie!!! Jy laat my immers dink!!!!

  2. Love reading your heart, it is most beautiful, shining like a Light not misguided, carefully steared by the Guide onboard, going past the unrealities, uncovering the beautiful nakedness of Truth. Stay well! 🙂

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