another empty chair

empty chairThis morning I had a meeting with the Deputy Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Or I was supposed too.

At 8.

We made arrangements.

We were grateful.

We were disappointed.


On 27/11/2012 Deputy Mayor Nancy Shilwayi made a promise.

She said she will set up a meeting, so that we may discuss the injustice visited on 43 families in Soweto-on-Sea.

She would invite the principal contractor, Mr Lexi Pullen of Eldorado Construction.

She would invite the Housing Development Agency.

She would invite me.

And we would be able to search for a solution.

By her own admission, our assessment is not a good one.

These people have suffered.

It must be rectified.

A meeting was set for Tuesday the 4th of December.

Things came up.

It was cancelled.

No new appointment was made.

We phoned & mailed & sent text messages.

We asked & pleaded.



A new appointment was made.

For today, 11/12/2012 at 08h00.

We had no indication if the other role-players would be present.

It seemed as if it would be only me & Mama Nancy.

But we were grateful.

Perhaps it could create some movement for these people.

At 10 past 8 we phoned.

No one had arrived.

At 20 past 8 we got a response.

She is running late.

Something came up.

Something more important.

We can meet at 14h30.

I clear my schedule.


This is important.

This is about more than 43 families.

More than 86 vulnerable old people who have suffered at the hand of others while a municipality, who should be monitoring, watched silently.

It is about more than the message clearly communicated to almost 240 little African children, that they are of no importance & no value.

Except when it comes to a ballot & a vote.

It is about justice.

About goodness.

About evil being pushed back.

About love, coming in a relentless wave.

About a new people rising from the ashes of Apartheid & corruption & selfishness.

A people who are blind to race & naked of prejudice.

A people who live from a heart which cries when a child is hungry.

Or a grandfather forgotten.

And so I will go to the meeting at 14h30.

Aware that this too might end in a meeting with my own thoughts.

And I will ask another meeting.

And we will keep on trying.

To be.


In a world robbed of affection.

And perhaps, just perhaps, in all of our trying, some light will shine through & some hope will arrive.


5 thoughts on “another empty chair

  1. I drive past Soweto by the Sea every day on my way to work. My heart goes out to this community around the Missionvale area. Please don’t give up your hard work!

  2. What was the issue this time did they have yet another Xmas function to go to …..People wake up and see what your elected officials have on their agenda as being urgent .you or less important matters – thank goodness for selfless people that take up a cause like this . Keep up the pressure something will give …………Wendy Ann Herschel de Bruyn..

  3. It takes time, skill, patience and teamwork to turn a ship. It is not a small thing to convince people in leadership roles to view life from the outside of an ivory tower. If you were to plan a protest march I would support it…. Just saying….

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