Gratitude Street Bash

GSB  You’ve followed the story of 43 families in Soweto-on-Sea.

From meeting Wilson Dumezwemi & Headman Gqokoma.

The story of 43 families visited by desperate injustice.

I’ve not contemplated what caused this injustice.

We’ve focused on ending it.

Just that.

And we’ve made some progress.

You shared our elation as we saw that ‘There’s Movement in the Streets of Soweto‘.

You were there as we were reminded that we do not need everything in order to affect our bit of world.

A Loaf, if that is what we have, is enough.

You shared our frustration with promises unfulfilled.

You shared the realization that it is not about ‘stuff’, but about a ‘voice‘.

The realization that when we give voiceless people a voice, we are doing a good thing.

You sat next to us in meeting after meeting, facing empty chairs, honorable Servant-Leaders consumed by ‘duties’ & fighting to hang on & Mangaung.

In our democracy people vote for a political party and the party with the most votes govern.

Or rather rule.

And deploy, deployees.

I wonder if it would not be better if we had people who served instead of being deployed.

I wonder if servant-leaders who are directly connected to the people they serve – I wonder if they would not be less consumed by power-struggles & the desire to further themselves.

Perhaps I am afraid of what I will see if we start exploring the reasons why an injustice such as this one was visited on 86 vulnerable old people?

Perhaps it is easier to be practical?

To find a solution?

And hunt that?

How can this atrocity take place, in our midst, without anyone noticing?

For more than six months?

What does that say about us?

Our society?

Our Churches?

Our leaders?

Our selves?

Are we then not a community?

Are we then not connected?

One life to the next?

All of us to each other?

If we were, this could not have happened.

And so, perhaps, the way to push back evil, to prevent stuff like this form happening, is to invade each others’ spaces, to share each others’ lives, beyond the pathetically small circles in which we move & the ridiculously superficial relationships we foster.

Into something new.

And so I invite you to a Gratitude Street Bash.

(click HERE to see detail & accept this invitation)

A moment in which we can connect.

Share gratitude.

Perhaps become.


As a people.

In humanity.


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