my reality, my Zuko’s reality. perhaps your reality, as we stumblingly try to find a new way, fleeing from darkness, hoping to stay a step ahead of destruction.

zuko pienaar

i hide who i am

it’s self preservation realy

from new people that i meet

from my friends

sometimes from my husband and my kids

from my family

especialy from my family

they are the worst

i think because i am a sucker when it comes to hope

if you know me you will know that my motto is: anything is possible

i am a victim of depression

no! i do not have depression

my mom has depression

and i am a victim

something i never realized

i tried to find info that would help me undestand ME better but its all about the person with depression

and i know its hard for them…extremely hard

but there are 2 sides to this coin

and today i am at a place where i am trying to make sense

am i the only one that sees her munipulation

her lies

her conditions:

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