new eyes

Zuko & I have started a blog for people who grew up with or live with someone who suffers from depression.

It affects us & perhaps it helps a little bit, just to acknowledge that.

Click the link below, to read our latest post.

And maybe subscribe, share this journey, to happiness.

new eyes.


2 thoughts on “new eyes

  1. Since a child +- 10 I was one day very very happy, the next day down and out crying and get into a tree just to be alone with my sorrow for what I did not know. Those days depression was a bad mood that should be belted out. I have many enemies and I do not wish this upon them. I am an elderly woman now and through depression lost the things that is dearest to me in life (people)

    Lady in Red Storm

    • It is so sad, how depression has destroyed. It only brings loss. Perhaps your children or their children might be free of it? Perhaps that would be an achievement in itself? I pray that you too might be seen through new eyes, might see yourself in new ways & become.

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