immensity I would like you to know that you are immense.



Regardless of where you find yourself right at this moment, the circumstances, what has happened or has been said.

Regardless of the prospects you face – you are without any doubt immense.

You have the potential to affect the future.

You have the ability to change lives.

You have been endowed with the capacity to create.

To love beyond reason.


The crowd of people whom you encounter as you journey from this day to the next.

If you could only imagine your own immensity …

If you could only see it, when you look in the mirror or hear it when you listen to your own voice.

You can go somewhere today, interact with someone & on the other side of that encounter everything can be entirely different.

Not in an arrogant destructive way.

That festers when we live unaware of our immensity.

In that awesomely creative way which lives so deep inside of you, you’ve never even noticed it.

May you find your immensity in this new year.


May you see it, like a beautiful sunrise.

May you embrace it & live from it, every moment and be overwhelmed as you unlock this immensity in others.

Just imagine.


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